NEW ‘ Tower of Poseidon’ Rides and more at Atlantis, Aquaventure

Aquaventure, the water theme park at Atlantis, The Palm , has revamped an updated it’s wet and wild rides with a brand new ‘ Tower of Poseidon’ section. We sent mama tester Katrina Wilton along to the launch party to find out more.

Upon arrival at Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah, we entered the Aquaventure Waterpark more than a little excited about testing out the new Tower of Poseidon’s “record breaking” water slides.  After a golf buggy ride delivered us to the newly constructed area, we were greeted by a brass band on stilts, acrobats in giant inflatable balls tumbling and twisting about on a lovely lagoon, and of course mocktails and canapés.

Overhead there were men dressed in head to toe black suits with coloured lights whizzing across on the zipline, which made quite a sight against the dark night.


The official proceedings commenced as drummers marched, loud music pumped, laser lights flashed and fireworks heralded the official opening of the new tower and Atlantis Vice President  rose up in a cherry picker and addressed the eagerly awaiting crowd.  His speech concluded with “the rides are now open!” as hundreds of people dashed over to try out the four new water slides offering varying degrees of speed and terror, depending what your fear threshold is.

With my fear threshold being ridiculously low, and having watched so many people scream as their inflatable donut plummeted over a pretty sheer drop, I was a little (ok, a LOT) reluctant to go on the “Zoomerango” ride but alas, the Intrepid Adventurer at my side wouldn’t let me get away with sitting it out so up we went.  Up several staircases we trekked and waited in a long, slow queue, to be thrust into said donut with four other unsuspecting victims.  Gripped with fear, and holding on for my life for I knew what was coming, as we approached the drop the Adventurer says to me “are you ready?” to which I responded “No! I’m not ready! I’m not ready!”.  Unfortunately at this point it was too late to back out as our donut went flying over the drop and my stomach ended up in my ears (which may have helped muffle my screams) but it didn’t end there as we were then thrust back up and back down again at the next sheer curve before being spat out at the bottom of the ride and ushered quickly out of the water.

Trembling and shell shocked as I was, I had to give credit that it was a pretty cool feeling of weightlessness and quite a rush, albeit (as with all thrill-seeking rides) over pretty quickly considering the trek up the stairs and the queue to get there.  We only had time to try out another two rides after that, which were also a rush, but – fortunately for me – not as stomach lurching as the first one.



Did I rate the new tower and the new rides?  Absolutely!  Will I queue up to ride them again?  Not a chance.  Next time you’ll find me chilling out on a tube lazily floating down the river watching the thrill-seekers do their thing.

Atlantis Aquaventure Website 

The Palm, Dubai

For more information please call
04 426 0000

Hours of Operation

Open daily 10.00 AM to Sunset*
(Opening hours subject to change depending on time of year.)

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