Safety first with new window locks.

Parents and non parents alike have all been shocked by the alarming number of recent accidents involving adults and children falling out of windows in the UAE, the Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Mr Majid Al Mansouri, submitted a resolution aimed at protecting children from falling from windows and balconies in residential buildings in the Emirate.

Under this resolution, owners and property-management companies of residential buildings in the Emirate must install devices that stop windows opening wider than 10cm.

Many families in the UAE reside in apartments, which are by very nature, higher off the ground, and with balconies that present a real threat to child safety.
Young children are naturally curious and are attracted to an open window. Even an opening of just 5 inches poses a danger to toddlers and children under the age of 10. Deaths and injuries frequently occur when kids push themselves against window screens or climb onto furniture located near to an open window.

With this integral issue in the UAE, DumaSafe is trying to heighten the awareness of what caregivers should do to help keep their home and family safer from the risk of accidental falls.
In all the high rising buildings or even villas that DumaSafe have serviced, they have been proactively providing a window safety solution by installing a specially designed lock which is:
simple to operate
fits all windows and door types
easy to install, designed to withstand a minimum operating force of 1,200 Newtons (twice the BS recognised standard of 600 Newtons)
secured, with a safe limitation of your window opening to a maximum of 4 inches (10cm)
Conforms to BS8213 i.e. restricts all windows in public areas and meets BS5588 – regarding egress from private dwellings

DuMa Safe is the first ever baby proofing company in the Middle-East. We offer families the ultimate in child safety ‘products and services’ to help create a safe, comfortable and practical environment. No more watching with bated breath while your toddler tries to negotiate his way around the house! We have all the products and expertise to make your house the safest home for yourself and your family. or on Facebook


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    Hi there, actually I was compelled to add a comment as Duma Safe are certainly not the first or only comapany dealing with safety proofing in Dubai. I am a mom and I know there is a British owned and managed company which here, which has been established in Dubai for over 10 years, providing window locks, safety products and safety gates etc… are quietly going about their mission of supporting homes and families with safety solutions. They are very reasonable with their charges and offer lots of great expertise as well as fitting, delivering and whole lot of other services. Worth checking out. Thanks Ladies.

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      Thanks so much for your comment!
      Well, that is great to know – We can only share/promote companies if we know about them , so I will certainly be checking out the site shortly – one can never be too safe with kids around! Kellie x

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